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Exofab Invisible Gel Case – Galaxy A5 2015

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Διάφανη προστατευτική θήκη, που έχει την ιδιότητα να ''κολλάει'' σε γυάλινες επιφάνειες! Έτσι θα έχετε απόλυτη προστασία στο Galaxy A5 2015 σας, χωρίς να κρύβονται τα χαρακτηριστικά του και με μια ''μαγική'' ιδιότητα που θα εντυπωσιάσει και θα σας βοηθήσει να βγάλετε τις καλύτερες selife φωτογραφίες με την παρέα σας!

Κωδικός: A5_2015_INVISIBLE



  • Sticks to glass allowing hands-free Selfies!
  • Amplified grip eliminating accidental drops
  • exofab™ Gel treatment on the back side!
  • Gel creates traction so that phone does not slide on flat surfaces
  • 100% Ultra-Clear protection

Whats in the package:

  • one Ultra-clear case
  • Case is a 100% transparent and made of Premium quality PC materials.
    The back side has been specially treated with exofab™ gel!
  • exofab™ GEL is also 100% transparent hardly noticeable.
    It gives the ability to significantly amplify your devices traction on many surfaces reaching to an amazing 100% traction on glass or other FLAT non-porous surfaces!
    It can literally stick on glass long enough to allow you to take Hands-Free Selfies**
    Also helps eliminate every day accidental drops.


The Gel ONLY sticks to flat non-porous surfaces like glass, they do NOT stick to hands, pockets, purses etc.
Although the exofab™ gel has the ability to stick on glassy surfaces they are not manufactured solely for this purpose. There are many factors unrelated to the exofab™ gel guard (skins) that affect whether the exofab™ gel guard (skins) will allow a device to stick to particular surface like surface porosity, environmental temperature, pressure applied while sticking to glass etc.
Both surfaces must be clean free of dust/oils before attempting to perform a hands-free Selfie! so be careful…

**The gel is not meant to stick on glass forever! It should stick long enough to take a hands free Selfie etc.



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