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Ξύλινη θήκη Gent – iPhone X/Xs

This is the Heisenberg wooden phone case from our Classic Collection.

Personality: He is “the one who knocks”. Are you the one who knocks on wood? The Heisenberg Case is a playful, stylish variation of your favorite character aesthetics. Anyone who uses Heisenberg to protect their phone can feel the smooth, earthy texture of the wood and the memorable character of this outstanding accessory.

The case’s silicon bumper protects your phone from marks and scratches while you use it.

Στο σχέδιο της φωτογραφίας υπάρχει διαφοροποίηση ως προς την εγκοπή της κάμερας καθώς απεικονίζει παλαιότερο μοντέλο.